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        • Smart Cities

          Secure, sustainable smart cities and the IoT

          Smart cities aren’t just a dream of the future. Thanks to wildly innovative?Internet of Things (IoT)?solutions, many are already active and expanding rapidly.

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        • Silent authentication for a trusted, fluid & personalized consumer experience

          Helped by powerful machine-learning systems, this technology helps build up a rich, multi-dimensional profile of each individual consumer. Behavioral biometrics and other context-based signals provide secure authentication for the ultimate in seamless consumer experiences.

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        • Commercial drone

          Cyber security for the commercial drone industry

          Drone manufacturers and drone operators need to protect their assets and services, whereas public authorities need to ensure citizen safety and law enforcement. The commercial drone ecosystem needs trust at every stage, from drone manufacturing and deployment through to flights and post operations.

          How to enable trust in the commercial drone ecosystem

        • Smart manufacturing and the IoT is driving the next industrial revolution

          Smart manufacturing is driving the next IoT revolution

          For two decades, Gemalto has been a trusted partner, helping customers Connect, Secure and Monetize their enterprise operations with IoT technology. In this web dossier, we'd like to share some of the best practices we've gathered to help companies interested in making the leap to "Industry 4.0."

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        • IoT Modules

          Understanding IoT Modules

          IoT Modules come with a wide range of wireless technology standards and they provide a variety of features that can impact the success of IoT applications. So, how do you select the right IoT Module for your solution?

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        • the energy ecosystem

          How is the IoT driving change in the energy ecosystem?

          Leveraging decades of IoT and digital security expertise, Gemalto offers a suite of technology solutions to Connect, Secure and Monetize the evolving smart energy? ecosystem.

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        • Connected Cars

          Unleashing the power of the connected car

          Transform vehicles into secure mobile hubs with LTE connectivity, NFC keyless entry, embedded payments, eCall, Smart powertrain, V2V and V2X solutions.

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        • Eight places that are getting smart

          The smart city revolution is gathering pace as urban areas in every corner of the globe discover the benefits of connected technology.

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        • Automotive

          How to drive smarter with motor telematics

          Intelligent automotive technology could lower your insurance premiums and keep you safe

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        • Help is just an eCall away

          A pioneering European emergency-call system for vehicles.

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        • The trees are talking

          M2M technology is helping stop illegal logging in the Amazon

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